Equity+ Podcast

E+P 5: Yesenia Cuello, NC FIELD & NC's Farmworker Communities

Episode Summary

This episode features an interview with Yesenia Cuello who shares what is was like for her to grow up in rural Eastern North Carolina while working in tobacco fields with her mother and sisters, and how that inspires the work she does today advocating for farmworkers and their families as the Executive Director of NC Field. Note: Yesenia is currently a member of Care Share's board of directors, but was not at the time of the interview.

Episode Notes

Learn more about NC Field at https://www.ncfield.org/

You can read  Care Share's NC's BIPOC Leaders article featuring Yesenia at: https://www.caresharehealth.org/2022/ncs-bipoc-leaders-yesenia-cuello-executive-director-at-nc-field/ 

The full NC's BIPOC Leaders series can be found at https://www.caresharehealth.org/category/nc-bipoc-leaders/