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E+P 2: Dr. Dawn Baldwin Gibson

Episode Summary

In this episode, we share an interview with Dr. Dawn Baldwin Gibson, originally recorded as part of our NC BIPOC Leaders series published last year on our Care Share blog. Dr. Gibson shares how her life experiences have informed and inspired the incredible work she does at Peletah Ministries, the ministry she founded with her husband, Anthony, which has included mental health support, disaster relief and a trauma informed K-12 school. Note: This episode mentions with the loss of a child.

Episode Notes

Find out more about Peletah Ministries at: http://www.peletahministries.com/

Read our article featuring Dr. Gibson as part of the NC BIPOC Leaders series on Care Share's blog: https://www.caresharehealth.org/category/nc-bipoc-leaders/

Connect with us at the Equity+ Network: https://www.equitypn.org/